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AWS DeepRacer Virtual Race #1: London Loop


After the AWS London Summit Amazon started I joined the first virtual race: The London Loop. I must admit that I didn't write during that time because it was very competitive and I have spend a lot of time trying to keep up with the race. W...

Airdrop Daily Check-in


Airdrop Daily Check-in This section are the airdrop with daily check-in that gives daily points for the daily login. 1.- Withdraw 500 IOST min. daily points. register with number phone. 2.- ...

Testing Engrave


Some nice text here for introduction Playing with bold and italic Header Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley some list with three one two three Let's try some links Static image Anima...

Humanism and Existentialism: Part 5 - Wilhelm Reich - The Orgasm and the Character Shield


The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism Humanism and Existentialism: Part 5 - Wilhelm Reich - The Orgasm and the Character Shield "Love today is a fuck at first sight." - charlie777pt 1- Introduction "Sh...

Bitcoin Bullish


Bitcoin en Época de Repunte Desde hace más de un mes, la criptomoneda mas importante por su precio, como por su volumen de mercado, repunta, precisamente en su precio, como en su número de transacciones, algunos dicen que ese actual movimie...

AnyThing4u Studios Department List - It is what we do :)


A Studio for Writers, Musicians, and Artists of all genres of Art :) [] Our Companies: Publishing & Printing - RobinHood Press, RobinHood Prints Marketing & Advertising - RavenHood Marketing & RavenH...

Facebook станет банком для 2 млрд клиентов


Мы живем в удивительное и переломное время. 2020, а может быть и 2019 год войдет в историю тем, что компания Facebook запустит в сеть свою криптовалюту. Как утверждают СМИ, кодовое название проекта звучит как Libra. **Чего ждать в обозримо...

Humanismo e Existentialismo: Parte 5 - Wilhelm Reich - O Orgasmo e a Blindagem de Caráter


A Dialética da Libertação: Anarquismo, Existencialismo e Descentralismo Humanismo e Existentialismo: Parte 5 - Wilhelm Reich - O Orgasmo e a Blindagem de Caráter "O amor hoje é uma foda à primeira vista." - charlie777pt 1. Int...

Lands of Layderian - Chapter One - Part 1 - Julia


In a corner laid a stone table next to a window which slowly let in the comforting warmth of the sun. In a chair sat a good woman staring awkwardly into her mirror on the desk, while her reflection stared back with the same blankness she ha...

Due to 'Pubg Mobile', this company has made silver silver


Due to 'Game Mobile Phones' and its new version 'Game for Peace', the revenue of China's Internet Powerhouse Tencent was recorded more than $ 48 million a day in May, along with it became the world's highest-earning app. This information ha...

Про хороше кіно: «Фея важкої атлетики Кім Бок Чжу»


Якщо хочеться подивитися хорошу драму з елементами комедії, то неодмінно варто звернути увагу на південнокорейський фільм «Фея важкої атлетики Кім Бок Чжу», знятий в 2016 році. Історія про сильну дівчину, яка домагається помітних успіхів в ...

My new Crystal Mat, Purchased From #steemit member @adammillwardart


A few weeks ago I received my crystal grid from @adammillwardart, a great artist advertising and showing off his amazing talent here on the blockchain. i love it and it looks amazing together with some of my favorite crystals. Thank you @a...