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Review | FortressCraft Evolved


FortressCraft Evolved is a voxel-based game focused around crafting and creating automated production lines. I’ve been playing this game off and on again since 2014 and instead of it evolving into its own unique thing it just feels like ...

My Strategy Going Forward


It's Tuesday and really warm outside. Engrave So I have been talking a lot about @engrave lately, what it is, why it's important, and some of the current problems it has. My hope is that they will have those problems sorted out soon, but in...



Originally posted on KarateSpace. Steem blog powered by ENGRAVE....

Os "Existencialistas": Parte 5 - Merleau-Ponty - O Humanista Existencialista


A Dialética da Libertação: Anarquismo, Existencialismo e Descentralismo Os "Existencialistas": Parte 5 - Merleau-Ponty - O Humanista Existencialista Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908-61) 1. Introdução "Nosso corpo é o ventre da expe...

Reseteo de la Deuda para el Sistema Financiero Mundial


## El Sistema Financiero, Necesita de un Reseteo Financiero Crisis Financiera Desde hace un tiempo se viene comentando sobre la llegada de un colapso financiero mundial, muchas voces lo hacen, se basan en variados razonamientos. Reseteo...

Lab do Podcast #03 - Stela, uma mestranda


O [Imaginário Virtual]( traz o terceiro episódio do Lab do Podcast por [@leodelara](! Trazendo entrevistas realizadas por [Léo de Lara]( no ca...

First Impressions | NextColony


This is a first impression look at NextColony a space RPG game that is on the Steem blockchain. Things mentioned about this browser based game and opinions held are subject to change. Once the game becomes more developed I’ll consider pu...

Sambal Khas Sate Kebumen, a Culinary Heritage of the Archipelago that You Must Know


Ever heard of a dish called Sate Ambal? This typical kebumen satay has a distinctive characteristic, namely yellow spices and is enjoyed with ketupat and sambal tempe. Come on, let's try making it yourself! Sate Ambal is one of the Nusanta...

Sex Therapy for Better Sexual Relationships


Your sexual relationship and partner no longer feels good? Don't wait until it has an impact on household life, immediately deal with sex therapy. Sex therapy is part of psychotherapy to deal with mental health problems. This therapy aims ...

Stir-fried recipe for ground meat beans, delicious served as a side dish


Short and easy, that is the essence of the delicacy behind the recipe for Ground Meat Bean Sauteed. Want to try cooking it today? Come on, just look at the recipe below! If you like Peranakan cuisine, it is certainly not unusual anymore wi...

Sex Facts at Menstruation?


Having sex during menstruation does reap the pros and cons. According to certain beliefs in society, making love when a woman is menstruating is prohibited. However, there are also certain people who do it and do not think so. So, what is t...

Evaluating My Engrave Experience


It's Sunday and the sun is shining, though it is a bit colder than the latest days. Evaluating Engrave So let's evaluate my current experience with @engrave. I told you in my first Engrave post yesterday about the issues that I ran into, sp...