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Como Defino el Porque de la Gobernaza.


Si algo se ha de tener en cuenta para todos los proyectos, de cualquier tipo, cuya característica principal sea el ser publico, es entonces necesario referirse a la gobernanza, especifica y especialmente las que requieren la utilidad de la ...

What Is Catena?

By Mason Harris Blockchain is a major technology commanding the lion’s share of the FinTech space today, and Catena aims to take a slice of that share. What is Catena about? Catena promises a revolutionary blockchain supporting the standa...

Acerca das graduações


Porquê as graduações? O cinto, cinturão ou faixa é o emblema das artes marciais. Espelha a sabedoria e a experiência de quem o usa. Surgiu como forma de distinguir níveis de conhecimento e competência. Não deixa ser ser uma forma ...

What Is BlocVehicle

By Mason Harris Taxi services allowed people without vehicles to travel where they needed to go, but prices were high, then services like Uber came in to diversify the personal transport market and lower prices. What’s next? The BlocVehic...

Lab do Podcast #02 - Ariel, um graduando


O [Imaginário Virtual]( traz o segundo episódio do Lab do Podcast por [@leodelara](! Trazendo episódios das entrevistas realizadas por [Léo de Lara](

Cryptocurrency is Growing During the Market Winter


Cryptocurrency is Growing During the Market Winter Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are undertaking major changes and are becoming widely adopted during the "Crypto Winter" of 2018-2019.  The genie is out of the bottle, and no...

My Top 5 Tokens on Steem Engine Currently


I've wanted to play around with Steem Engine for a while and decided to finally take the plunge. I have no interest at this point in creating a token so I've just been doing some digging and finding tokens that I'd like to buy, so lets get ...

What Is BitX?

By Mason Harris The advent of big data has come with it the strong demand in the marketplace for data as a product. Although many are concerned about data collection practices of companies storing and preserving the community’s personal da...

What Is Attrace?

By Mason Harris Many of the larger and more well known companies online have been putting bans on the rapidly emerging blockchain industry, and while the opposition is fierce, this has provided an opportunity for blockchain to adapt and co...

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim | Still Works In 2019


While in the modern day of gaming a title like this is considered long dead and forgotten it’s still playable for the most part. Along with brining some nostalgia and fun to an afternoon! I often wonder how games like these hold up after a...

How Corrective Action Works in Today's Workplace


How Corrective Action Works in Today's Workplace Corrective action is a scary way of saying "you are in big trouble" in today's workplace.  Human Resources, your manager and yourself are pulled into a talk about your future at the co...

Brave | Faster than ever


**Peace `Steemians`,** Brave browser offers a new way to use the internet on different device of your choice [![Screenshot-2.png](]( [src](https://basicattenti...