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Tron a 2019 Winner


Tron has been beaten down along with the entire Cryptocurrency Market. Tron (TRX) fell 11% at the beginning of last week, below $0.02/coin and is now out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by marketcap and then ralled 40% at the end of the week...

Change your Life, Learn a new skill, Grow Every Day


This blogpost was inspired by @chbartist's post I really enjoyed reading this post and all the comments as well. @chbartist's post gave me the inc...



TERMOS DE USO, POLÍTICA DE PRIVACIDADE E CONDIÇÕES GERAIS DE USO E DE COMPRA E VENDA DO SITE "Imaginário Virtual" Estes termos e condições gerais de uso e de compra e venda aplicam-se aos serviços prestados por Matheus Guimarães Gomes Range...

Book Review: Absolute Friends by John Le Carré


Absolute Friends by John Le Carré tells of the story of Cold War espionage and explores the philosophical question: does the end justify the means in a war against terror? Is the plot going to be an adrenaline pumping page-turner or a highl...



Banners App makes it easy to earn on the views of banner advertising. Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, Chinese, Korean. All payments are made in Futurocoin cryptocurrency trading on many exchanges around the world. W...

Tutorial de Guitarra // Librería de Acordes : Familia Maj7 Drop 3 , De Maj7 a Dom7.


Hola Steemit! Bienvenidos a la segunda parte de "La librería de Acordes'' , una serie de tutoriales que iré compartiendo poco a poco con ustedes. (fuente:ww...

The Sabbath is a Delight!


The Sabbath is a Delight Our family works for six days looking forward to the day of rest on the seventh day. It's a day we sleep in, take things easy, study the bible and have family discussions. We look forward to it every week. The s...

Bitcoin Bull Case for 2019


Bitcoin has been hammered in 2018. The Cryptocurrency Market has descended into a brutal bearish market and analysts are polarized about what happens next. With Bitcoin mining difficultly steadily declining, with the most recent change at 1...

New Engrave engine deployed. It’s faster and better than ever!


This will be a quick note, much more detailed one will be posted in a few days. It's been around one and a half month from the latest update but the development process of Engrave hasn't stopped. In fact, we just deployed an extremely impor...

Blockchain para iniciantes #2 - A Evolução da Internet/Web


No texto de introdução [Blockchain para iniciantes #1]( você teve acesso às diversas formas de informações utilizadas na sociedade desde a antiguidade até os tempos atuais. Tendo...

GINAbot Tutorial - Lesson by @luisferchav.


Ginabot tutorial by guest teacher @luisferchav Hello dear Steemians and @helpie members! This is a tutorial on how to use and setup the incredible tool known as GINAbot! Art b...

Bière et plaisirs Géante Rouge Octant


Géante Rouge Best Bitter Rousse L'Octant suite à ma légère déception d'hier. La comparant à la Galilée que j'ai bu hier, je dirais que dans son style cette bière à une bonne coche au-dessus. C'est une bière bien réussi dans son style, bi...