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Why I joined Steemit and why I enthusiastically  continue


Why I joined Steemit and why I enthusiastically  continue I joined Steemit in May of 2018 after the Cryptocurrency bear market of 2017.  STEEM was a cryptocurrency I traded on Binance, and remembered the volatile nature of its mo...

Path of Exile | Thoughts On Upcoming Synthesis League


With Grinding Gear Games set to launch their next league Synthesis league in Path of Exile on March 8th, 2019. They really brought in some hype on this one. Made some safe choices while also taking some massive as well. Can they outdo th...

Bitcoin is Looking Bullish- Technicals and Catalysts Flash a Green Light


Bitcoin is Looking Bullish- Technicals and Catalysts Flash a Green Light Bitcoin is headed above $4,000.  The catalysts for a bullish cryptocurrency market in 2019 are in place, and I am accumulating Bitcoin. Bitcoin has passed it's 1...

Who Is Authorized To Tell You What To Do?


Are we free moral agents? We all know that genetics and environments play a part in what we do, but does it truly prevent us from the ability to control our own actions? According to the Bible, sin is genetically inheritable, passed down f...

SEY : 영어 회화, 스피킹 박살내기.


안녕하세요. SEY입니다. 'SEY'는 영어를 잘하고 싶어 이것저것 시도하다가 직접 만들게 된 영어 스피킹 연습 앱입니다. SEY를 통해, 사람들이 영어를 잘하게 됐으면 좋겠습니다. 앱 출시 배경과 계기는? 영어 학원도 다녀보고 스터디도 다녀보고 영어 인강 앱도 사용해봤고, 영어를 어떻게 공부해야하는지 관련 책도 읽어봤습니다. 이것저것 시도해보다 깨달은 것은 제가 영어를 꾸준히 연습하거나 사용해본적이 없다는 것입니다. 그래서 ...

A primeira preocupação dos pais: O Karate é violento?


Quando ponderam inscrever os seus filhos numa arte marcial, os pais ficam muitas vezes apreensivos por estas modalidades serem geralmente conotadas como violentas. O Karate é violento? Aplica-se aqui a resposta universal: Depende. Depende ...

Steem Is LinkedIn, Not Facebook!

Do You Understand Steem? Steem Is Not Facebook, Its LinkedIn! By Blake Letras Disclaimer: This post is from an active participant of Hobo Media but does not necessarily reflect the views of the whole Hobo Media network. People in crypto t...

Lab do Podcast no Imaginário Virtual!


O [Imaginário Virtual]( tem o prazer de apresentar o Lab do Podcast! Trazendo episódios semanais das entrevistas realizadas por [Léo de Lara]( no campus da UFSC para quem gos...

A było to tak


Żona mówi do męża informatyka: – Idź do sklepu i kup parówki. Jeśli będą jajka, kup dziesięć. Mąż wchodzi do sklepu: – Dzień dobry, czy są jajka? – Tak, są. – To poproszę dziesięć parówek. Jako aktywny, zaangażowany uczestnik ...

Giveaway of the day - Iesabel


If you want to participate, just leave a comment below. You can write "register" if you're not feeling creative. A random winner will be picked and the key will be sent through a private memo over steemit. A share of the rewards for this p...

Bitcoin Bullish News- The Beginning of the Climb


Bitcoin's pounding during the multi-year bear market of 2018-2019 has burdened even the biggest enthusiasts with doubt.  Bitcoin has been trading sideway for a few weeks and is sitting solidly above $3,500.  There are many bullish...

Porquê Karate?


Porque há tantas pessoas a escolher o Karate? Escolhem-no para elas próprias. Escolhem-no para os seus filhos. Recomendam-no aos seus pacientes. Sugerem-no aos seus amigos. Arte Marcial, Desporto, Tradição, Formação, Socialização e Bem-Esta...