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Weekly "Honorable Mention" - Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell - August 16th 2019


**ArtLuck SteemMe is happy to announce this weeks "Weekly Honorable Mention" ** Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell - Jungle Talk "These two wonderful creative Artists know how to blast the mind full of fantasy, and make us wonder how such minds ...

Twunders4theWorld Who are we? An Engrave Introduction


Twunders4theWorld is an online retail store for Writers, Musicians, and Artists of all genres of art. We have many items such as: Binders, paints, pens & pencils, musical instruments, computers & electronics, software, art supplie...

Pet Removable Dog Bed


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Buy Now 33% Discount On Pet Removable Dog Bed Wash Style: Hand Wash Pattern: Solid Color: Gray Season: All Season at Shop For Gamers.Check Out Full Details & Price Here Pet Heaven Originally posted on Pe...

Funny Pet Dog Ball Toy


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Buy Now 31% Discount On Funny Pet Dog Ball Toy Color: Green/ Orange/ Rose Red/ Yellow. And it will be sent at random at Shop For Gamers.Check Out Full Details & Price Here Pet Heaven Originally posted on P...

Brave: чи є недоліки у цього браузера?


Кілька днів тому, спілкуючись з інтернет користувачами, я був неприємно здивований. Кілька людей відзначили, що активно користуються браузерами Опера і Mozilla Firefox. І це в 2019 році ?! Також деякі позитивно відгукнулися про Google Chrom...

Tuesday Morning Ride


This is a ride I do every Tuesday morning while on a 9 week course at the local hospital. Todays ride was the 1st sunny ride so I took the opportunity to record it. Here are some images from the taken from video. Riding through Parkway su...

Почав грати в Prospectors на EOS: золоті копальні


Переглядаючи dapps на блокчейні EOS, випадково натрапив на браузерну стратегію під назвою Prospectors. Пограв буквально пару днів, сподобалося. Prospectors: добувають золото на власному руднику Відразу потрібно зазначити, що для гри вам зна...

Privacidad mas Escalabilidad es igual a Mimblewimble


Problema a Punto de Superarse Las observaciones que se hacen en la actualidad a la cadena de bloques de Bitcoin, de Ethereum, entre otras criptomonedas, a primera vista parecen válidas, ya que el requerimiento de privacidad y escalabilidad ...

Real Life Conspiracy Theories for Fiction


I've always been somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. I've backed off posting about them in the last few years because I have better success yelling at the wall in my bedroom. Recently, though, I started to look up conspiracy theories videos...

Keep Our Streams Clean


About Walking my grandson home spotted this in our stream. Took it home, cleaned it up a little bit, and publicly posted it so the owner can claim it. | | | | | -------- | -------- | -------- | | What is that .. | Get in there .. | It's...

Training locally for AWS DeepRacer and a Udacity Challenge with rewards


August started in the world of AWS DeepRacer with a high C - Friendly folks at Udacity created this challenge that you might want to get your hands dirty with: AWS DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge. TLDR: race in Virtual League, if in the ove...

HOOPET Pet Dog Puppy Squeaky Chew Toy


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE Buy Now 24% Discount On HOOPET Pet Dog Puppy Squeaky Chew Toy Toys Type: Chew Toys Material: Rubber-Type: Dogs at Shop For Gamers.Check Out Full Details & Price Here Pet Heaven Originally posted on Pet...