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Olá pessoal!!!! Hoje vamos de TOP 10, para enfrentar os dias frios nada melhor que boas dicas, não é mesmo? Fonte:Pixabay Como sabemos, inverno é sinal de tempo seco e frio, resultando em uma maior prevalência de doenças respira...

What Hot Days


Dear Diary; A deadening heat has blazed the wide-open country around me. Deep hazy gray mist boils from the ground below the earth I stand upon. This year’s rain never came, which has caused the Oconee River to evaporate to the skies above...

RobinHood Press - Print on Demand (POD) - Just for Writers!


(: We are simply an Independent to Traditional Publisher :) Independent Publishing means that you yourself are the in control of every publishing aspect, such as, Book campaigns, Book Distribution, Sales, event set up, and the Marketting of...

Analyzing the AWS DeepRacer logs my way


Over the whole time I've spent learning to DeepRace, I kept mentioning how log analysis was important to me. Let me expand on it a little bit. Log analysis I wrote a post about analysing the logs with use of the log-analysis tool provided ...

How to survive winter even if you really, really hate it


Let me start with a confession: My name is Nataly, and I really, really hate winter. (Now you say, “Hi, Nataly!”) I hate the way the frigid cold makes your bones hurt. I hate the freezing wind that leaves your face feeling like it was kiss...

Mi experiencia con Engrave de Steem (Texto)


¡Buenas! Hoy quiero hacer una de una herramienta que está en la blockchain de steem y se llamada #Engrave, y me pare interesante avanzada que puede estar como un servicio de blog, un servicio muy estable hasta donde he visto ya que para mí...

Wildlife Rescue - Wedge Tailed Eagle


Look at those long talons! I have been working as a volunteer with my local wildlife group The Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers for ten years now. I am their records officer and web administrator. Recently we were called out to a local farm be...

The Ice Cream.


Elisabeth Hawar wrote her name in the front of her recipe book and dated her collection 1687. She also wrote two addresses in the Shoreditch and Spitalfields East London neighborhoods inside the front cover. These tantalizing biographical a...

I'm Happy w/the Car I Bought #INTRODUCTION

This post was originally shared on April 9th, 2009 via Blogger on my old website: but I am now moving all of my posts from Blogger to @engrave on and my old .xyz domain name will act as a Home page for all of ...

Amazon - Amazon Prime english version


If there is a business that dominates the ecommerce market at this time, it is undoubtedly Amazon. Image: Ultrachollo It is presented as a large online retail store, with millions of products available to the public worldwide. Their busi...

Humanism and Existentialism: Part 6 - Carl Jung - II - Psychological Types


The Dialectics of Liberation: Anarchism, Existentialism, and Decentralism. Humanism and Existentialism: Part 6 - Carl Jung - II - Psychological Types "Dreams are the digestion of reality." - charlie77pt 1 - Introduction &quot...

Look what I found in my bed! Beautiful Leaf Tail Gecko


Living in the Australian rain forest can be challenging. Especially when critters invade your private space. Last week I came in late and noticed some things had fallen off my bedside table. At first I thought maybe a snake had got in so… ...